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5/10/2021. Focus Ireland Annual report.Pictured is Khaled Gsis lived in emergency accommodation for four years with his wife and four children before they finally found a home at the launch of Focus Ireland Annual Report launch in the Wynn’s Hotel.Focus Ireland helped a record number of 1,829 households to avoid homelessness or find a secure home – the charity announced at its 2020 . Over 1,359 households were supported to settle into a new home or assisted on a pathway towards sustaining an exit out of homelessness and a further 470 households were supported in keeping their homes. Focus Ireland also ensured 880 families were supported out of homelessness and nearly 3,300 children were supported across our services.  Charity calls on Government to set out annual targets on the pathway to eradicating homelessness by 2030 .Photo:Leah Farrel/
Leah Farrell
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05 October 2021